TDS Return Filing- Due Date & Process

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    Income Tax Penalty


    The penalty for late filing TDS return is Rs. 200 per day until the return is filed. This amount has to be paid by the taxpayer until the total fine is equal to the TDS amount.

    Due Date for TDS Filing







    1st April – 30th June

    1st July – 30th September

    1st October – 31st December

    1st January – 31st March

    Due date for Filing Form 27Q

    On or before 31st July

    On or before 31st October

    On or before 31st January

    On or before 31st May

    Failure to Furnish PAN

    Any person receiving payment for which tax has been deducted at source is required to obtain a valid PAN (if not obtained) and furnish the correct PAN to the deductor. Care must be taken to furnish the correct PAN, so that the tax deducted can be credited to correct account. Further, non-furnishing of PAN or furnishing of incorrect PAN would result in the deductor incurring higher TDS at 20% rate and levy of penalty of ten thousand rupees.

    Hence, before furnishing PAN for TDS, the deductee must check the PAN status (Must be active) and number. PAN status and number can be checked through the Know Your PAN website of the Income Tax Department. Before furnishing the PAN ensure that it is in active state. If PAN status is inactive, then the deducted must contact the jurisdictional Assessing Officer to change PAN status to active.

    TDS Certificate

    On deducting TDS, the deductor would furnish to the deductee a TDS certificate. The deductee can cross check the tax credit by viewing Valid TDS certificate is the TDS certificate downloaded from TRACES ( bearing a 7 digit unique certificate number and TRACES watermark.

    All TDS certificates must be preserved by the Deductee. TDS certificates on payments other than salary is issued on quarterly basis and TDS certificate for salary is provided on annual basis. If the TDS certificate is lost, the deductee can request for duplicate TDS certificate.

    Claiming TDS

    TDS credit can be claimed by the deductor. To claim the credit of TDS, the deductee has to mention the details of TDS in his return of income. Deductee should take due care to quote the correct TDS certificate number and TDS details while filing the return of income. If any incorrect detail is provided by the deductee, then tax credit discrepancy will arise at the time of processing the return of income and same can cause problem in processing the return of income.

    TDS Return Form

    There are different TDS Forms have been set depending on the income of the deductee or the type of deductee who pays the TDS. The different TDS forms are listed below as follows:


    • Form 24Q
    • Form 26Q
    • Form 27Q
    • Form 27EQ


    • Quarterly
    • Quarterly
    • Quarterly
    • Quarterly


    • Quarterly statement for TDS from “Salaries”
    • Quarterly statement of TDS in respect of all payments other than “Salaries”
    • Quarterly statement of TDS from interest, dividend or any other sum payments to non-residents
    • Quarterly statement of collection of tax at source

    TDS Form 24Q

    According to Section 192 of the Income Tax Act 1961, an employer deducts TDS while paying salary to an employee. An employer has to file salary TDS return in Form 24Q, which has to be submitted on a quarterly basis. Details of the salary paid to the employees and the TDS deducted from the payment has to be specified in Form 24Q. In other words, Form 24Q is the quarterly statement of the payment made to the employee and the TDS deducted from it by the deductor.

    TDS Form 26Q

    When a taxpayer pays taxes, the payee deducts TDS on certain occasions. Form 26Q is used to file TDS details on payments made other than salary. The form mentions the total amount that is paid during the quarter and the TDS amount that has been deducted. Form 26Q has to be submitted on a quarterly basis.

    Form 27Q

    Form 27Q is a TDS Return or Statement containing details of Tax Deducted at Source (TDS) deducted on payments other than salary made to Non-Resident Indian (NRI) and foreigners. Form 27Q is required to furnish on a quarterly basis on or before the due date. Form 27Q contains details of payments made and TDS deducted on payments made to NRI by the deductor.

    Form 27EQ

    Form 27EQ contains all details pertaining to tax that is collected at source. According to Section 206C of the Income Tax Act 1961, this form must be filed every quarter. The form has to be submitted by both the corporate and government collectors and deductors.

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