White onion


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Product Description

White onion is a cultivar of dry onion, that has a pure white papery skin and a sweet, mild white flesh. Similar to red onions, due to the high sugar content, they have a short shelf life, lasting up to 2 days, or if refrigerated, they can last up to a month.

Packed With Nutrients.May Benefit Heart Health.Loaded With Antioxidants.Contain Cancer-Fighting Compounds. Help Control Blood Sugar.May Boost Bone Density.Have Antibacterial Properties.May Boost Digestive Health

Storage and Uses:
Onion is stored in the mesh bag they came in, or in a bowl in a cool, dry, ventilated spot in your pantry. The USDA recommends you store them at 45ºF to 50ºF (just above refrigeration level), but if you can’t find such a cool place, they’ll keep for a week at room temperature.