Drumstick( முருங்கைக்காய்)


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About :
Drumstick is one of those rare plant species whose seeds, flowers, leaves, and stems are edible and extremely nutritious. Drumstick is an easily available vegetable which is cultivated mostly in Asian and African regions. It is a staple vegetable in Southern India and is also widely consumed in other states.
Regulates blood sugar levels,Helps improve digestive health,Great for developing stronger bones,Helps purifying blood,Relieves respiratory disorders,Boosts immunity.
Storage and Uses:
Drumsticks are best stored wrapped in paper in the crisper drawers of the fridge. They will keep for 3 or 4 days but are best consumed quickly. Drumsticks can also be frozen. Cut them into lengths, 4 cm – 6 cm, and plunge into boiling water.